Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldova, Ukraine to be united in continuing European integration

President Nicolae Timofti received the former presidents of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk and Viktor Yushchenko, as well as ex-presidents of Moldova Mircea Snegur and Petru Lucinschi at the State Residence today.

At the meeting, the sides discussed developments related to the Moldovan-Ukrainian relations and the specific feature of the regional situation. 

Also, the officials put special emphasis on the need to synchronize the actions of the two countries, in the context of the new threats to national and regional security. The sides reviewed the crisis in eastern Ukraine and the frozen conflict on the left bank of Dniester, which have common elements in their manifestations. 

The former Ukrainian presidents referred to challenges and costs Ukraine pays for freedom and the pro-Western choice.

“The trouble unites people. In such moments, we must remain united, and back each other in our bilateral projects,” said President Timofti. 

The high guests described the continuation of the European course by Moldova and Ukraine as the only way of re-bringing the two countries to the area of stability and social and economic development. 

“We have agreed with the former heads of state to find needed solutions for our countries to get closer and cooperate towards achieving the common European path,” said President Timofti after the meeting. 

In this context, Leonid Kravchuk noted that the solid historical basis of the two countries is an important element in this regard.