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Republic of Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti attends actions dedicated to 70th anniversary of end of World War II

President Nicolae Timofti today participated in the events dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the end of the World War II at the Eternity memorial venue. Head of state laid flowers at the Eternal Flame, Stella of Moldovan Heroes and Grieving Mother monuments.

Nicolae Timofti delivered a speech, which reads as follows:

“Distinguished assistance,

Dear veterans,

Ladies and gentlemen,

We mark the 70th anniversary of the end of the biggest conflagration the humanity has ever known.

Today, we commemorate the victims of the World War II and we bow before those who fought and gave their lives for that the world to look better. The ceasing of military operations, bombardments, rounds of cannon and storms of gun fires allowed Europe and other continents and regions to return to re-edify societies where the law, conciliation and wellbeing to reign.

This path to normality was not easy for anybody, either for us. But, the time heals the sufferance. The resentments, which we have due to pain we were caused, have to be alleviated and forgotten.

This is why 9 May is a day when we talk about peace and about the human capacity to stifle its warlike impulses. It is a day when no place for revenge, jubilation, triumphalist emphases or hatred should be. Especially, when it is known that during the war, the destiny sent our consanguine to fight on both fronts, often one against the other.

The World War II showed us, by tens of millions of victims and massive destructions it caused, that the deliberate encounter cannot be ever a solution to overcome the arisen dissensions.

This day may also serve for us as a good occasion to remind the principles of the Paris Charter for a New Europe, signed by the CSCE member states in 1990. Then, all the states solemnly promised to refrain from forced threats, which might affect territorial integrity and sovereignty of any state. There is no place for changing the borders between the states by force and constrain.

The present crisis in the region, which unfortunately also transformed into armed confrontations, shows us that this precept was not fully learned and not by everybody.

Over the past period, we have watched political leaders and other people, including from Moldova, who, by the actions and statements they make, show that they did not understand anything from the lessons of the war ceased 70 years ago.

It is obvious that it is necessary that energies, which accumulate within society, to be oriented to other directions than the one to quarrel people. They may be used not in ideological purposes, but in creative purposes and for better causes.

Dear friends,

The values of the European civilisation take roots in Moldova, where a nation willing peace and understanding lives. One of these values is tolerance. I am confident that we are capable to fully learn such valuable things, so that together, united to advance on the European integration path. The development experience of Western Europe in the post-war period shows us that this goal is possible, despite the differences in vision and opinion.”