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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president, former Romanian head of state visit north Moldova town

President Nicolae Timofti and the former Romanian head of state, Traian Basescu, today visited a wood church in Maramuresh style "Saint Brancoveanu Martyrs" and the Fortress from northern Soroca town.

Nicolae Timofti and Traian Basescu were greeted by the Soroca district head, Victor Sau, after which they attended a religious service officiated by a group of priests. Parish priest Sorin Huluta has said that, during the official visit to Bucharest by President Nicolae Timofti on 3 May 2012, Traian Basescu said that Romania gave Moldova a wood church in Maramuresh style. The church, built by masters from Romania, has a height of almost 30 metres and may host 200 parishioners.

Metropolitan of Bessarabia, Most Right Reverend Petru specified that Nicolae Timofti and Traian Basescu are recorded as founders of the church, due to the contribution brought to its construction.

President Timofti thanked the Romanian state for its contribution to carrying out important cultural and education projects in Moldova.

Traian Basescu reiterated Romania's commitment to unconditionally back Moldova, stressing that the Romanian language and the Christian religion represented two pillars of the national Romanian consciousness.

Subsequently, Nicolae Timofti and Traian Basescu made an excursion to the Fortress of Soroca, under reconstruction. The director of the fortress's museum, Nicolae Bulat, informed the guests that the fortress had been built on the bank of Dniester by Moldovan Ruler Stefan cel Mare in the 15h century and then fortified by Ruler Petru Rares in the 16th century.

The fortress will regain its initial look following restoration works, financed by the European Union within a cross-border project "Medieval Jewels," worth two million euros.

Nicolae Timofti and Traian Basescu talked to Soroca residents, wishing them success in their work.