Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Statement by Moldovan President

The Eastern Partnership Summit confirmed the illusory character of European integration.

The Eastern Partnership Summit confirmed that Moldova file is in the lowest drawer of Europe’s concerns.

Europeans’ disappointment to Chisinau is constant, and Moldova’s chances to join the EU are close to zero for the next decades. It turns out that so far, pro-European governments have promoted geopolitics of illusions.

If the EU prospects are lacking, we understand that Chisinau government uses its anti-Russian geopolitical rhetoric not just to become attractive to the West, but to create a favorable ideological background on the domestic, for political and electoral reasons.

Thus, anti-Russian rhetoric and geopolitics is not only unjustified, but also completely useless for relations with the West. It is extremely harmful to the social and economic development of Moldova, because it creates internal ethnic and social disunity, damaging good relations with the Eastern partners, especially with the Russian Federation.

Over the past years, Moldovans were subjected to a massive manipulation campaign, aiming to prove that joining the EU is not only an achievable goal, but also that it will occur in the near future. These manipulations were and are being done amid serious problems the EU is facing, as well as the clear messages from Brussels that the EU does not intend to expand.

Moreover, through a false pro-European rhetoric, those who have led and still lead Moldova tried to hide a sad reality – that the situation degraded and degrades continuously that every day Moldova is moving away from the standards to which it is officially advancing, and Brussels decision makers have been constantly warning of this deplorable situation.

Today, it is more obvious than ever that the pro-European hysteria had only one purpose – to create a perfect screen behind which very ugly things happened. Thus, covered by slogans of European integration, the governments which came after the 2009 coup stole one billion in the banking system, destroyed all that remained in economy, captured entirely the state institutions, closed schools, kindergartens, have driven hundreds of thousands of people out of the country, restricted through administrative barriers the access of investors to the local market, destroyed those jobs that were still there etc.

The worse is that making it the pro-Europeans, the ruling powers have ruined strategic partnership relations with Russia, artificially provoked conflicts and scandals that have removed us from our Eastern partners, who have always played an important role in developing the country’s economy.

Recent events, including the fifth Eastern Partnership Summit, have once again highlighted that Moldova is far from the EU, that Brussels is aware of the essence of government that is currently leading the country, and that Moldova has no chance of joining the EU. Yet, materials that have appeared in the international media on the Summit and the impression by Moldova (“The Economist”) only emphasized this.

In this situation, the government should be honest with Moldovan citizens and give up false geopolitical slogans. The primary task must be to improve the quality of people’s lives, but not games invoking geopolitical slogans which create illusions and then disappointments.

We thank the European partners for the support given to Moldova and we voice hope that it will continue to be found in the quality of citizens’ lives. At the same time, European partners, government, each of us must recognize that Moldova should have a balanced foreign policy, because only such a policy can bring benefits.

Our country is at the crossroads of several geopolitical interests, and we must get the maximum benefits for citizens in this successful position, but not to cause conflicts with nothing good can result.

Under these circumstances, government is simply required to give up its anti-Russian rhetoric. Returning to the real strategic partnership with Russia is a necessity dictated by the moment, people are aware of this, and those who are currently controlling the parliament and government must also be aware.

Because of the slogans, false tracks, personal and private interests of those who have represented and represent the power in recent years, we have lost a lot of time and opportunities for developing the country and raising the quality of life. We can no longer afford this from now on.

The time of geopolitical experiments and political games has passed. This must be understood by those in power. If they cannot understand it, they only have to take consequences, because the people will no longer tolerate the destruction of the country under the slogan of a geopolitical illusion!