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More than 250 graduates from all over the country received "Diploma of Honor" of the President of the Republic of Moldova

Today, during a festive ceremony that took place in the Presidency, Igor Dodon handed "Diploma of Honor" of the President of the Republic of Moldova to the best high school graduates from all over the country, 2019 promotion.

Thus, as a gesture of appreciation of the outstanding results at the studying and at Baccalaureate exams, competitive spirit and creative attitude in the educational process, this year, over 250 graduates from all over the country have been gifted with the Diploma of Honor.

The Head of State congratulated the fresh graduates, wished to all of them successes, perseverance, energy, ambition and self-confidence. Also, Igor Dodon urged them not to forget teachers – those, who guided them through the world of knowledge.

As well, the President of the country reiterated that he will make further efforts to implement programs designed to attract and retain youth in the country, so that young people could express themselves here, at home.

Finally, the graduates went on a guided tour through the Presidency.

Note that in the current year to the Baccalaureate exams were admitted 10583 high school candidates, and the graduate promotion rate was around 87% - which is about 4 percentage points higher than in the previous year. At the same time, this year 11 candidates got mark 10 at the Baccalaureate exam – which is 5 pupils more than last year. Igor Dodon pointed-out that he is proud to outline that we have a positive dynamics in this area.

“Thanks to such great youth, Moldova indeed has a future!”, - mentioned the President of the country.

Photos from the event you can find here