Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president promulgates state budget law for current year rectified

President Igor Dodon today promulgated the state budget law for the current year adjusted so that the referendum in Chisinau should be carried out in accordance with the law and without impediments.

Dodon asked all competent institutions, especially, the Central Election Commission, district electoral councils, polling stations and other institutions, to ensure the smooth running of the democratic process.

“The referendum is the most direct and good form of participation, and probably, at the moment, one of the few real ways to appreciate the work of an official. For the first time in the history of Moldova, the procedure will be carried out at the capital level, which has a national importance”, he said.

The president called on the residents of Chisinau municipality and asked them to come to the referendum and to express their view regardless of the political choices, color and geopolitical preferences.