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Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon assignment Ion Chicu to a position of Counselor of the President of the Republic of Moldova

Today President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, had a working meeting with Mr. Ion Chicu, Public Finance Specialist, former Finance Minister.

During the discussion, the Head of State mentioned that he has publicly appreciated Mr. Chicu’s efforts to increase the efficiency of the fiscal system, based on their collaboration in years 2005-2009 in team with Ms. Greceanii. The experience gained at the time, the activity of Mr. Chicu within the World Bank over several years, have been the rationale for which Igor Dodon unambiguously accepted the appointment of Mr. Chicu in December 2018 as Minister. "Despite several challenges in budget area during this period, Mr. Chicu together with the team of professionals in the Ministry of Finance, managed to maintain stability in fiscal system", stressed the President of the country.

Igor Dodon and Ion Chicu also discussed the challenges of the system related to the specificity of the year 2019, including the need to promote fiscal policies to enhance the competitiveness of our economy, successful implementation of the wage law in the public sector, other stringent reforms for the country's financial and banking system.

Considering the experience he has in these areas, integrity, but also the need to attract notorious specialists to the state and society, Igor Dodon proposed to Mr. Chicu to accept the position of Counselor of the President of the Republic of Moldova. As well, the Head of State noted that good things should be continued in the country, and the objective analysis of the errors and shortcomings of the past is the determining factor for success in the future.

"The country is in need of professionals, who are dedicated, committed and devoted to the Republic of Moldova! I am glad that Mr. Chicu accepted this proposal", concluded the President.