Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon proposes to the Government the creation of the commission for damages caused by bad weather

Today the President of the Republic of Moldova, Igor Dodon, asked the Government to set up a special committee to rate the damage caused by the weather in the north of the country. In the message President notes the following:

"Nature exploded in the north of the country.

Farm production has been destroyed on thousands of hectares, and hundreds of houses’ roofs were pulled-off.

The most damaged neighborhoods appeared to be the Baltsi, Bricheni, Edinets, Ocnitsa, Rishcani, Sangerei, Glodeni and Dondusheni. In these moments of despair, it is important that people do not feel as they are left to the will of fate.

Our local colleagues, together with a group of deputies, help local authorities to calculate the damages, but without the support of the central authorities - The Government, if it is needed, the Parliament, - the problem will not be resolved.

I am addressing the Government with the proposal to create a special committee, which will analyze the consequences of the weather’s damage and will identify the help that victims need. "