Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president's New Year message

The New Year message by Moldova's President Nicolae Timofti:

Dear fellow countrymen,

On the eve of the New Year 2016, I want to be by your side and wish you all your expectations be fulfilled.       

It is only natural for us to connect our hopes to a New Year. Especially after we have reached the end of an intense and difficult year, which left some of us with a bitter taste. 

I want the disappointments and failures remain in the past, so now we are to close the ranks, mobilise, in order to manage to fulfill the national and personal tasks we have set.

We should continue the European integration, not distort it by pompous declarations, behind which obscure, alien to people's interests business is flourishing.   

The 2015 year has proved that the natural enthusiasm, through which we went with our achievements on the European stage, must turn into concrete actions, of making the public climate healthier, fighting corruption, including the political one, removing sideslips and gaps existing in the society.   

I am optimistic that it is in our powers to achieve these objectives. 

You inspired me with this confidence, by firm actions, through which you demanded your rights, when the political elites gave signs of weakness. 

In my tenure of president, I listened to and heard the murmur of the people, and then also the shouts of revolt. 

The entire political class must listen to your will, so that we get to normal, switch to an authentic democracy, in which the nation is sovereign and its wish - holy.

If we treat things seriously and responsibly, we will manage to have both stability and a government will full powers.

Thank you, dear fellow countrymen, for your work and hope in the 2015 year. I assure you that your efforts are not in vain.

I convey a good thought also to our fellow citizens from abroad, who are far from Motherland, and to all those who are attached to this land. 

A Happy New Year!