Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Message of the President of the Republic of Moldova related to the end of evaluation mission of the International Monetary Fund in our country

In relation to the end of mission of evaluation of International Monetary Fund in our country, the Head of State mentioned the next:

“Today was finished the International Monetary Fund’s evaluation mission, during which was carried out a complex analysis of the work status of the country’s budget and banking system.

Also, government negotiated a series of measures/conditionalities, which need to be undertaken in the upcoming weeks to continue the program with this financial institution and to unblock foreign financial assistance.

These measures aim at strengthening the fiscal sustainability of the country, enhancing fiscal discipline and further eliminating shortcomings in the banking system.

The success of these actions depends to a large extent on the budget support of about MDL 3 billion, intended to finance the budget deficit planned for this year. A possible outage of these means may impose the need to reduce some of the expenditures provided in the public budget.

Some measures in the IMF Memorandum project are aimed at fiscal policies, impacting on economic activities in the country. As we promised to citizens and businesses, policies impacting on the businesses environment will be discussed and agreed with representatives of economic agents to ensure that the actions taken are effective, but also to exclude any impediment to business development and economic growth. I encourage the Government to consult these initiatives with the business community, civil society representatives and local public administration.

Less than a month after the actual Parliamentary majority took over the government, several actions were taken to re-establish relations with the development partners of the Republic of Moldova.

We have a pragmatic and cooperative dialogue, both on the bilateral dimension with the strategic partner countries and with the international financial institutions. The Moldovan-Russian Intergovernmental Commission for Economic Cooperation has been restored, the constructive dialogue with the US and EU authorities has been intensified. We have made significant progress in working with international financial institutions, including the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc.

These results are appreciated and the joint efforts of the President, Government and Parliament of the Republic of Moldova will be focused on continuing the actions in this direction, so that the support of our foreign partners will effectively contribute to raising the living standards of the citizens of the country.

I would like to mention that the Presidential Administration will continue to promote a balanced foreign policy between East and West in all areas, including the economic one.”