Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon visited the enterprise "Bucuria Saturn" in the village of Rudi ', Soroca district

The company is engaged in the cultivation of apple, wheat, barley, sunflower, peas and soy. In total, Bucuria Saturn owns more than 1,100 hectares of land and refrigeration warehouses with a modern packaging line.

The President noted that all the products of the enterprise met the highest quality requirements and are exported, including to the market of the Russian Federation.

"As a result of agreements with my Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, the export of traditional Moldovan goods to the Russian market has grown significantly over the past ten months of this year. And this growth is noted in the absolute majority of categories of goods: fruits, vegetables and wines. Thus, only in the first ten months of this year, a record number of apples was delivered to the Russian Federation for the entire period of the country's independence - 187.3 thousand tons. The previous annual record was set in 2011 and amounted to 184 thousand tons," the President of Moldova said.

Also, the Head of State reminded of a significant increase in the export of Moldovan agricultural products to the Russian market. Grapes, plums, apricots, peaches make for approximately 70% of total exports. Also, tenfold growth was noted for the export of vegetables - about 9 thousand tons, while slightly more than 700 tons was delivered in the EU. Also there is a constant increase in wine exports.

"The presented data is as superfluous evidence of the need to maintain good relations with our strategic partner, the Russian Federation, which is the main market for our Moldovan products, and also provides creation of thousands of jobs," Igor Dodon said.