Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president describes as illegitimate attempts to legalize Romanian language as official language of Moldova

President Igor Dodon describes as inadmissible and illegitimate the attempts to legalize the Romanian language as official language of Moldova.

The president reminds that the Moldovan language was showed as historical language of the Moldovan people both in the country’s Constitution and in data of the population census, in opinion polls and in medieval archives. “The name of Moldovan language has been rooted for centuries on the territory of our country; it represents a fundamental element of the identity and cultural matrix of the Moldovans.”     

“The absolute majority of the native population of Moldova considers that it speaks the Moldovan language. And if somebody, no matter where are they, have doubts in this respect, we can organize a referendum, during which we are to ask the citizens what name of the language they prefer: Romanian or Moldovan,” Igor Dodon said.  

President Igor Dodon ascertains that some right-wing politicians, as well as some of the members of the Constitutional Court (CCM) behave as mercenaries paid from abroad and their undisguised goal is the adaptation of the state’s supreme law to the unionist project, of liquidation of the Moldovan identity.

According to the head of state, actions have been repeatedly committed in the last years, which clearly show the intention to transform Moldova’s Constitution into a mere consultative sheet, which can be interpreted or ignored according to the political or ideological whim of the Constitutional Court and of the governance.   

President Igor Dodon said that the actions and statements by CCM members would be subjected to a thorough juridical analysis once the governance is changed following the parliamentary polls and would be treated in the context of the abuses committed against the Constitution and the national interests of the Moldovan sovereign state.