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Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon held a meeting with the heads of the EU and US diplomatic missions in Moldova

President of Moldova Igor Dodon and head of the EU delegation to Moldova Peter Michalco, as well as deputy head of the US diplomatic mission in Moldova Julia Stafft discussed the current political situation in the country, results of the recent elections in Chisinau and planned visits to Brussels and Washington.

I expressed concern about the situation in the country, especially because of the decisions of the courts of local elections in Chisinau. I think that we are talking about selective justice, when the results of both candidates are canceled, which creates a dangerous precedent in the context of the parliamentary elections that will be held in a few months," Dodon said.

The Head of State stressed that during his visit to Brussels, which was scheduled for the second half of this week, he intended to hold a number of bilateral meetings with the European officials.

At the same time, a visit to the US, which was previously announced at the beginning of July, will be postponed to a later date.