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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president meets Romanian envoy

President Nicolae Timofti today met Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Marius Lazurca on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the signing of the Joint Declaration on Establishment of the Strategic Partnership between Romania and Moldova for European Integration.

The sides expressed satisfaction with the results recorded following the implementation of an action plan for enforcing the common declaration. They emphasised the successful completion of modernisation projects in Moldova in such sectors as: energy, education, culture and health.

The two officials opted for continuing and boosting the strategic cooperation, for the benefit of citizens from the two banks of the Prut river. Timofti underlined that so far, the Moldovan-Romanian strategic partnership had produced true and substantial mutual benefits that cannot be subject to doubt.

For his part, Lazurca pointed out that the Moldova's close connection to the European area, with a view of the country's irreversible commitment on its European integration path, was a priority of the Romanian state.

At the same time, Lazurca conveyed the warmest wishes and congratulations on the occasion of the Moldova State Flag Day.