Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president, Romanian foreign minister tackle support, reforms, projects

President Nicolae Timofti today received Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Bogdan Aurescu, the presidential press service has reported.

Timofti thanked Aurescu for the constant support provided to Moldova by Romania internationally and, in particular, for promoting Moldova’s interest in the European Union.

Timofti also thanked the Romanian authorities for the financial support provided for a large number of infrastructure and social projects and underlined the importance that the Moldovan institutions should turn to account this openness shown by Romania. Inter alia, Timofti referred to the development by joint forces of power and hydrocarbon distribution networks in Moldova, as well as road connections, such as a bridge across the Prut river in western Ungheni town, the construction of which has recently started.

The officials also approached the regional security issue and, implicitly, strengthening of defence capacities of Moldova through the support provided to the country by the North Atlantic Treaty and European Union.

As for politics, Bogdan Aurescu said that Romania and the European Union was expecting formation of a new government in Moldova as soon as possible, which to continue enforcing the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, carry out reforms in justice sector and banking system and fight against corruption. In this context, Aurescu welcomed the reiteration of the European option by the Moldovans at the recent local general elections.

Bogdan Aurescu also informed Nicolae Timofti about the visit he paid today to southern Comrat town, where a Romanian Information Centre was inaugurated. Aurescu added that he had had extremely positive contacts with representatives of the local administration in Comrat.