Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president rejects candidacies of judges

President Nicolae Timofti today rejected the candidacies of judges who worked at the Bender-based Court of Appeal, liquidated under the Law no. 177 from 25 July 2014. The candidacies were proposed by the Superior Council of Magistracy, to be appointed to the post of judge by transfer.

Thus, the following candidacies were turned down:

Mihail Antonov - the Comrat Court of Appeal;

Nicolae Nogai - the Comrat Court of Appeal;

Aurelia Parpalac – the Cahul Court of Appeal;

Grigore Druguș  - the Chisinau Court of Appeal;

Svetlana Leu – the Chisinau Court of Appeal.

When examining the candidacies through the light of their compliance with the requirements stipulated by the Law on status of judge, Timofti found that these people did not comply with the requirements set by the law.

In a letter sent to the Superior Council of Magistracy, Nicolae Timofti said the information presented by the competent institutions raised the problem on the integrity of these judges and arouse reasonable suspicions as to decisions ruled by them.

„The appointment to office of persons, on whom suspicions concerning integrity hang over, runs counter the principle of the rule of law state,” the letter says.