Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president takes note of appeal by PM

President Nicolae Timofti took note of appeal launched by Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, which was submitted in a written form on 8 June, urging dismissal of leadership of Prosecutor General's Office, National Bank and National Commission on Financial Market, as a result of precarious situation in financial-banking system, the presidential press service has reported.

Timofti held a talk with Gaburici on given problems.

The president shared the concerns voiced by the premier on alarming situation in the financial-banking system. Over the past three years, the issue was approached repeatedly at the Supreme Security Council, and the government received letters on disorders in financial-banking sector.

The investigations and criminal cases on the matter must be carried out with utmost responsibility and competence, so that all illegal actions should be cleared up, and people involved in robbing banks should be punished.

At the same time, the president draws attention to the fact that dismissal of leadership of the Prosecutor General's Office, National Bank and National Commission of Financial Market is within the competence of parliament, and involvement in this procedure on behalf of the president would not fit into constitutional space.