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Republic of Moldova

President of Moldova Igor Dodon had a farewell meeting with the US Ambassador

The President Igor Dodon had a farewell meeting with US Ambassador to Moldova E.S. James D. Pettit, who completed his diplomatic mission in our country.

The interlocutors addressed several issues regarding the situation in the home and foreign policy of our country, as well as the current state of Moldovan-American bilateral relations.

The head of state appreciated the good cooperation between our states in various areas of common interest and expressed his gratitude for the financial aid granted to our country, especially in the implementation of social projects.

At the same time, the President advocated the intensifying of the bilateral dialogue in all dimensions, including the organization of high-level visits and meetings.

Also, Igor Dodon reiterated that the Republic of Moldova should promote a balanced foreign policy, and open, productive and mutually advantageous relations with all the states, being friendly with all of them, but not with someone against another one.

In this respect, the head of state expressed confidence that once the new US Ambassador had been appointed, the Moldovan-American relations would continue to have an ascending rhythm of development in various fields of mutual interest.