Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Results of the meeting between Igor Dodon and Grigory Karasin

President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodon held a meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Grigory Karasin during which he noted the friendly and productive relations that existed between the Heads of State of the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation.

The parties noted that relations at the level of governments were not at the proper level. One example of this was the preliminary coordination of the visit of the Russian Vice-Minister to the President of Moldova in December last year.

The Head of State also noted that the main purpose of the visit of the Russian official was to bring Moldo-Russian relations to a new level, to acquire a comprehensive, , productive and mutually beneficial nature.

In addition, the joint interest in developing mutually beneficial cooperation in the social sphere, in the economic and humanitarian spheres, both at the level of bilateral relations and within the CIS framework was confirmed. These efforts should, above all, be aimed at improving the living conditions and protecting the interests of ordinary people. He stressed that the balanced foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova in relations with the West and the East would undoubtedly contribute to the country's successful development and improvement of the living standards of citizens, the President noted.

"I expressed gratitude to the leadership of the Russian Federation for all-round assistance in the issues of the Transnistrian settlement and noted the need to intensify the multi-level dialogue between the representatives of Chisinau and Tiraspol. During the meeting, we discussed the dynamics of the last months of negotiations, including implementation of the previously adopted decisions within the framework of the "5 + 2" format fixed both in the Berlin Protocol of 2016 and in the Vienna Protocol of 2017. Questions were also touched upon the resumption of the political process and the prospects for achieving a comprehensive settlement of the Transnistrian problem," Igor Dodon noted.