Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

The President met with the head of the EU delegation in Moldova

"Today, my meeting with the Head of the Delegation of the European Union in the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko, took place. The dialogue touched upon a number of issues of the country's domestic and foreign policy, including relations with the European Union in the context of obtaining by Moldova the observer status within the framework of the Eurasian Union.

I recalled that the status does not contradict the provisions of the Association Agreement with the EU. The new status provides a platform for Moldova to conduct discussions with other partners. And also the opportunity to find out details about the EAEU, which is a huge market for us. I noted that in the future, the transformation of Moldova into a bridge between the EU and the EAEU cannot be ruled out, which will benefit both sides.

Speaking about the past local elections, I appreciated the fact that in Chisinau until now, to a large extent, the elections were held without the use of geopolitical slogans, but expressed concern that by the second round some candidates were again trying to use geopolitical arguments and geopolitical confrontation , which confirms the lack of their real solutions for Chisinau. In my opinion, we need to avoid geopolitical discussions during the pre-election campaign. People in Chisinau should see the professional skills of candidates, as well as the real solutions they offer.

In conclusion, I noted the interest in effective cooperation with the EU, recalling the need for Moldova to adhere to a balanced foreign policy and build constructive relations with both the East and the West," Igor Dodon said.