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The First Lady's charitable foundation helped another kindergarten

The Kindergarten from the village Maksimovka, which was visited today by Igor Dodon, received help from the First Lady's Charity foundation "Din Suflet" in the framework of the National campaign to support the preschool institutions of the country.

The charitable foundation of Galina Dodon responded to the request of the kindergarten workers, as well as the parents of the children, and provided the institution with everything necessary. The kindergarten from the village of Maksimovka received a carpet, curtains, computer, new furniture, TV, sports equipment for children, as well as fruit and sweets.

"The participation of the fund was highly appreciated by parents, children and employees of the kindergarten. Their smiles and good mood have become for me another proof of the necessity and usefulness of this project," Igor Dodon wrote on his page in the social network.

We remind you that the First Lady's Foundation "Din Suflet" launched the National Campaign to support the kindergartens of the country, which are applying for help. This way, 75 kindergartens have already received help, and by the end of 2017 about 200 kindergartens are to be assisted. In 2018, about 300 kindergartens should receive help, and before the end of the mandate of the President of the Republic of Moldova, this assistance must reach all preschool institutions in the country.

Good deeds continue!