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Republic of Moldova

Head of state welcomed new locomotives for the Moldovan Railway

Today, the President Igor Dodon participated in the official ceremony dedicated to the arrival in Moldova of the first six of the 12 diesel locomotives ТE33А series, produced in Kazakhstan and purchased by the Moldovan Railway as part of the investment project "Restructuring of the Moldovan railway”, financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Investment Bank (EIB), and European Union. All 12 locomotives passed the test, validation, and certification procedure and arrived in Moldova.


During the ceremony, the head of state stressed our gratitude to the representatives of the EBRD, EIB in Moldova, the head of EU Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, for their constant support to our country through various projects to finance strategic areas in the country. Igor Dodon mentioned that the current government takes the efficient management of the Moldovan Railway as a priority direction in order to revitalize the country’s economic life.


The President also congratulated the employees of the Railway on today’s acquisition. “I strongly believe that due to the acquisition of these locomotives and to the effective rehabilitation of the railway infrastructure, the company will succeed not only in optimizing costs but also in regaining the confidence of passengers and revitalizing freight transport,” he said.


Taking this opportunity, Igor Dodon reaffirmed the increased interest of the Republic of Moldova for the development and further deepening of cooperation with the external development partners of the Republic of Moldova.