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Republic of Moldova

EU states' ambassadors voice support for Moldovan president

President Nicolae Timofti today had a meeting with a group of ambassadors of the European Union member states. Attending the event were also acting Foreign and European Integration Minister Natalia Gherman and Head of the European Union Delegation in Chisinau Pirkka Tapiola.

The head of state informed the EU diplomats on the political situation in Moldova and, in particular, the identification of a candidate for the office of prime minister. Timofti unveiled his opinions in the subsequent developments of the political situation.

Nicolae Timofti said he was concerned about information he had on a danger of Moldova's deviation from the European vector through concerted actions of interested political forces and oligarchic structures, who want to hold sway over the presidential institution and enhance their influence on the state's institutions.

The president told the European ambassadors that  he would not yield to the pressures exerted  from different parts on him and his family members, aimed at influencing the decisions by the head of state.

The European diplomats voiced support for the president's stance, stressing that they personally backed Nicolae Timofti in his effort to promote European practices. "Any pressure exerted on the head of state is unacceptable. We will uphold a government that will make the institutions work, will destroy the system of captive state, will consolidate the society, will reduce corruption and will ensure the country's energy independence. We want a positive and stable development of Moldova," Pirkka Tapiola said.     

"The stability is important, yet maintaining democracy in Moldova is more important," French Ambassador to Moldova Pascal Vagogne said.  

Ambassador of Germany, Mrs. Ulrike Knotz said she was shocked to learn about  the exercising of pressures on the head of state and his family. 

For his part, Czech Ambassador to Moldova Jaromir Kvapil said:" Your opponents are strong, yet we trust you."  

Romania's Ambassador Marius Lazurca declared his support for the actions of the head of state and spoke out for the creation of a pro-European government in Chisinau as soon as possible. 

President Nicolae Timofti thanked the European diplomats for backing Moldova. He voiced hope that the Moldovan political forces would find solutions to overcome the present political crisis and form a pro-European government.