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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president welcomes Chinese parliamentary delegation

President Nicolae Timofti today met a delegation of the Chinese parliament’s Standing Committee, headed by Chinese Deputy Speaker Xiangbapingcuo.

The sides welcomed positive bilateral friendship and cooperation ties and discussed the opportunity to boost the Moldovan-Chinese trade exchanges. 

Xiangbapingcuo said China would further back Moldova’s EU integration path and would continue to be its partner and friend. In this context, the Chinese top official came up with a string of proposals to help strengthen bilateral relations, among which negotiations on the free trade zone, Moldovan-Chinese collaboration within the economic “Silk Road” programme, as well as facilitation of relationships between citizens of the two states. 

Timofti said Moldova was diversifying sales markets, and China was a priority in this sense.

Moldovan exports to China amounted to 8 million dollars in 2014, with wines accounting for over a half of the exports.