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Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president awards WHO Representative to the Republic of Moldova

President Nicolae Timofti awarded “Meritul Civic” Medal to Dr Jarno Habicht, World Health Organization Representative to the Republic of Moldova, the presidential press service has reported.

The distinction was given today by Ion Paduraru, Secretary General of the Apparatus of the President “as gratitude for outstanding contribution in the implementation of health reforms and personal contribution to strengthening collaboration between the medical community from the Republic of Moldova and the World Health Organization (WHO).”

Dr Jarno Habicht has mentioned during the ceremony: “We commend the progress made in the past years in the health system to move towards universal coverage including investments to primary health care and developing mandatory health insurance system. Translating international treaties as WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control to national context, it is welcome to improve population health. In past years we have witnessed open policy dialogue and many public health programs progressing. While globally the sustainable development goals are negotiated it is encouraging to observe that Moldova is progressing already in addressing non-communicable that needs who-of-society approach. In our partnership it is great to recognize health officials’ active role in international health diplomacy and governance during past years. WHO is available to support the endeavor for health improvement as Moldova develops.”