Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

The representative of the Holy See sent a message of appreciation on behalf of His Holiness, the Pope of Rome to the citizens of the Republic of Moldova

The refugee crisis and the effort of Moldovan citizens to help those fleeing the war in the neighbouring country was the key topic of the meeting between President Maia Sandu and Archbishop Miguel Maury Buendia, Apostolic Nuncio to the Republic of Moldova residing in Bucharest. The representative of the Holy See came to Chisinau to personally convey to the head of state the appreciation of Pope Francis for the solidarity and generosity that our citizens have shown to the refugees from Ukraine.

President Maia Sandu thanked them for their warm words and underscored that this effort was, first and foremost, made by the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, who responded immediately to the needs of the refugees. The head of state also appreciated the help received by our country during this period through Vatican charitable organizations. Finally, President Maia Sandu expressed thankfulness for the way the spiritual leader of the Catholic Church promotes the idea of peace and dialogue between civilisations and peoples and reiterated her conviction that the war must cease.