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10 Moldovan localities selected for construction of sports grounds

President Igor Dodon today chaired a working meeting on implementation of the national project for construction of 300 sports complexes in the rural areas of Moldova. It takes place under the aegis of the president within the “Iubesc Moldova” (I love Moldova) National Campaign.

According to information by the project  responsible people, the local administrations have been contacted and the works will start in the 10 largest villages, except for Peresecina village, Orhei district, where the mayor denied the construction of the sports ground arguing that villagers do not need such a sports complex.

In this case, it was decided that the next village that will benefit from the project is Sipoteni, Calarasi district, where people have gladly accepted it. Thus, the team responsible for the design and construction of the sports complex will visit this locality.

The head of state reiterated that the 300 sports complexes will be built within three years, during his presidential term, and the money for this project will be identified from external sources rather than from the state budget.

The top 10 localities that have been identified are:

1. Congaz, Găgăuzia;

2. Costești, Ialoveni;

3. Cărpineni, Hîncești;

4. Copceac, Comrat;

5. Baurci, Comrat;

6. Băcioi, Chișinău;

7. Corjeuți, Briceni;

8. Trușeni, Chișinău;

9. Pelinia, Drochia;

10. Sipoteni, Călărași.