Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

The Head of State met with Erin McKee, USAID Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Europe and Eurasia Bureau

President Maia Sandu spoke today about the modernization of the Republic of Moldova with Erin McKee, the Deputy Administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) for the Office of Europe and Eurasia.

The head of state thanked the Government of the United States of America for the development assistance we have been receiving for more than three decades through USAID. The agency has funded several programmes in various areas: agriculture, energy sector, education, culture, justice reform and anti-corruption, and local development. Projects supported by USAID contribute to developing the economy and supporting Moldovan entrepreneurs, helping them increase their production and export potential to developed markets and boost their earnings.

The interlocutors also discussed how the Republic of Moldova can become energy independent by connecting the country to European energy systems and diversifying the sources of energy. Thus, the Washington administration will allocate to our country non-reimbursable resources worth 300 million US dollars, according to the agreement signed on 30 June 2023.

The President welcomed USAID's request to the US Congress to provide more assistance to Moldova and our citizens. The head of state thanked USAID for its continued support and reaffirmed our strong commitment to continue transformations that will ensure a prosperous and peaceful future for all citizens.