Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

The Head of State, at the Moldo-American Convention in Chicago: "I have been impressed by the willingness of our people to seek ways of engagement back home."

President Maia Sandu participated during her visit to Chicago in the Moldovan-American Convention, which this year bears the slogan "Proud to be from Moldova". The head of state noted that our citizens know how to make us proud, whether they live at home or abroad because they are hard-working, courageous and care about their country.

"I have seen this courage in many Moldovans settled in the US, who have succeeded in starting and developing their own businesses. Some of them have also expanded them in Moldova, creating jobs and opportunities for citizens back home, for which I thank them", said the President.

At the same time, the Chisinau leader mentioned: "I was impressed by the willingness of our people to look for ways of engagement at home, whether in business, supporting projects in their communities or organizing such events that unite those at home with those living in the US. Many of our people promote our culture, traditions, and the positive image of Moldova in the United States, and on this occasion, I awarded several distinctions."

As well, President Maia Sandu spoke to our compatriots about the efforts we are making to create conditions for a better life at home, to develop an investor-friendly business environment and to clean up justice by fighting corruption in the system. "These efforts will help us bring Europe to our home," she concluded.