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Republic of Moldova

The Head of State thanks all those who organised the European Political Community Summit

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, thanked everyone involved in organizing the European Political Community (EPC) Summit held in Bulboaca. "On June 1st, we made history together - Moldova was the centre of Europe. This didn't just happen by chance, but thanks to hardworking and dedicated people; some were more visible, others less, but everyone worked hard to make this event possible," said the head of state.

The President underlined that all the guests said in unison that the EPC Summit in Moldova was a success, and this success is due to all the people of Moldova. "Thank you to each of you: diplomats, security officers, road workers, labourers, traffic officers, police officers, carabiniers, train attendants, conductors, doctors, cooks, journalists, photographers, translators, florists, soldiers, accountants, waiters, cleaning and sanitation staff, technicians, drivers, artists, videographers, directors, communicators, public servants, all those who ensured order and security, the residents of the Bulboaca commune, the team of Castel Mimi, and many others! You are the team with whom we have made the impossible possible. And we succeeded," the head of state emphasized.

In her message of thanks, President Maia Sandu added: "You have made Europe feel at home. With you and people like you, Moldova will surely join the European Union. Thank you!"