Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Message on the International Chess Day

Dear friends!


The International Chess Day, celebrated on July 20, offers me the pleasant opportunity to send you congratulations and sincere wishes for well-being, health, and prosperity.


It is known that chess is the game of logic and imagination, which involves and requires patience, self-control, calculation, and risk. Practiced by amateurs or professionals, it gives many benefits, contributing to personality development, enhanced performance, and accountability. There is no other sport that requires more intelligence and analytical skills than chess. Intended for people of all ages, this exercise educates our will, concentration, and longing for victory. And since it is a captivating hobby, those who whenever join the game remain passionate about it forever.


Currently, the FIDE is carrying out a global project aimed at introducing chess as a school subject. Together with our colleagues from the Moldovan Chess Federation, we are sure that the involvement of our country in this action will have positive repercussions on the training of children. At the same time, it will represent a qualitative leap in the successes registered by the Moldovan chess players, which, we must admit, are still reasons for pride for the entire people.


It is said that “All the world’s a stage, / And all the men and women merely players”. We can reformulate it saying the world is a chessboard, and the life is a game in which, regardless of final results, it is important to follow the rules, to respect each other, to demonstrate fairness, and to sincerely enjoy victory.


Happy holiday, dear chess players!