Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Moldovan president denies allegations brought by Democrat leader

President Nicolae Timofti denies the allegations Democrat leader Marian Lupu brought against him during a declaration today, calling them unfounded and groundless. He added that it was a method to exercise pressure on the president in order to influence his decision on the appointment of a candidate for the position of prime minister, the presidential press service has reported.

President Timofti held a meeting with the leaders of the Democratic Party (PDM) on 14 December, who tried to convince him to nominate the former PDM leader, Vladimir Plahotniuc, for the position of prime minister. The president has full understanding of the fact that the defamatory statements against him that have lately appeared in the press, as well as the picketing of presidential institutions, are meant to put pressure on the head of the state and threaten his constitutional right to nominate a candidate for the office of prime minister.

The Moldovan president urges parliamentary parties to continue negotiations and mobilize their efforts in order to create a parliamentary majority, allowing them to appoint a pro-European and functioning government in the near time. He also advised them to give up on political games, which cannot solve the difficult situation Moldova is currently coping with.