Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Speeches and Messages

Statement by President Maia Sandu at the briefing held after the resignation of the Government

Today Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița announced the resignation of the Government. The government led by her had to deal with an overlap of crises unprecedented in the country's history. In spite of them, together, we managed to maintain peace in the Republic of Moldova, to keep our citizens safe and provide important support to the people. I thank the Prime Minister and her entire team for their immense sacrifice and effort made throughout this period.

Address by President Maia Sandu at the High-level Opening Ceremony and Dialogue of the Effective Development Cooperation Summit 2022

Dear President Cassis, President Kagame, Distinguished audience, Thank you for having me at the launch of the Effective Development Cooperation Summit. I am humbled to be in a room full of individuals, representing states, organizations, communities, civil society, the private sector - people who are committed to making progress in poverty reduction and human development in their respective countries and across the globe.

Address by President Maia Sandu at the International Anti-Corruption Conference 2022

I am impressed by so much expertise in this room. It gives us strong hope for progress in our joint effort in fighting corruption. I would like to speak about three things today. First, fighting corruption is essential for preserving democracy. Second, political will to stop graft is very important. Third, established democracies require a rethink to deny criminals safe haven and not allow stolen funds to be used in their jurisdictions.

Press Statement by President Maia Sandu at the Prague reunion of the European Political Community

I would like to thank the Czech EU Presidency for hosting the first meeting of the European Political Community, an initiative launched under the French EU Presidency by President Macron, that Moldova is happy to be part of. It is a journey for the wider Europe that we embark on today. We see the European Political Community as a platform to strengthen our collective trust and solidarity.